Friday, October 7, 2011

My RPG Project

And a lot of other projects have been put on the back burner do to inability to play test and such.

The Project that has risen to the top due to high ability to effectively play test is the Pen-And-Paper RPG system I have been working on. Right now I am making it to be like the HERO & GURPS system where Players and their GM work together to make the Skills/Feats to be used in the game.

I also like the concept of one type of die being used in most games it is d20 or d6. mine I like the idea of using d100 aka d% (it is the 2d10 in most sets and in most systems isn't used much.).

I also like the "Intrigue" system in A Song of Ice and Fire Role-Playing (ASIFRP or SIFRP). It rewards good rolling and roleplaying. it also allows some interesting situations for Player Characters (PCs). So I am working in a system like that into my rules. The biggest problem I see with SIFRP's Intrigue is if a character is good in an intrigue they usually sacrifice in combat.

I am also trying to make a realistic experience system and trying to get rid of the level system. I am making this happen in the form of Attribute Categories that gain experience when you use a Skill/Feat or such that relates to that category you gain experience in that category. If you would gain experience that should go into multiple categories it gets divided evenly between them all with any remaining amount going into a General Experience Pool to be spread where ever the player chooses.

For Character Generation their are a variety of methods possible. One is a starting General Experience Pool that the GM determines and the Players use to make their characters. another is random rolls of the d100(%) that is either multiplied or divided or kept the same, at the GM's discretion, that is added to starting race amounts in each Attribute.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Sword & The Flame Review & a Mini-Battle Report!

Ok I am calling this a mini battle report because I don't have any pictures and the game is quick and easy to play. I have no pictures because my only camera right now is my phone and as the screen on it went out i couldn't use it.

Now this game is a fast and bloody game. Quite literally a unit can get wiped out in a single turn of Close Combat. The Sword & The Flame aka TSATF is set in the colonial period specifically the Anglo-Zulu War, but it is also the name given to a wargame rule system. Now this system is meant to be fun and exciting. It uses a randomized activation system based on cards. In the case of the game we played the red cards were British activations while the black cards where native activations.

The movement values are determined by dice rolls. in our game the British moved 2d6 & charged 3d6 while the natives moved 3d6 and charged 4d6. The shooting rolls are made on d20s. Usually to hit is around a 7 or below to hit. So as you might can guess shooting isn't to accurate. Close Combat is done on a face to face roll of a d6, and continues until a unit as been wiped out or has been chased away.

If you like history, want to play a fun wargame based on history, and don't care about historical accuracy then I recommend you give this game a shot.

Now for the BatRep.
The British were supposed to poison an oasis that was serving as the water source.

I was on the Native side. We were allowed to deploy 1 unit Hidden In Position (HiP). We chose our only unit of riflemen. We deployed them in rough terrain near the oasis. The rest of our army came on randomly. the British deployed about 2 turns full movement from the oasis.
3 of the native units popped up on the table edge opposite where we were standing with one appearing behind the British.
The British advanced toward the oasis. well for 2 turns we failed to complete the charge with one unit. while the other 2 failed one turn and succeeded the next only to get cut down to a small number and run away. then the unit that failed its charges 2 turns in a row finally succeeded and got cut down by the bloody Brits. The riflemen then had a shoot out with the remaining British units and after a few turns they were reduced in numbers enough that they ran away.

So the British won and instead of poisoning the oasis they drank it dry and then threw the poison in just in case it somehow filled up again and so they didn't get in trouble for not poisoning the water.

Either way it was a fun game.

Friday, September 2, 2011

About Me

Ok I am taking some good advice from an Infinity Forumite known as Major_Gilbear. He suggested I introduce myself.

Now currently I live in Crane, Missouri, USA. It is a small town whose only redeeming qualities are the Broiler Festival every August and that it is rated as having the best city water in all of Missouri.

I am 18 and going to college in the city of Springfield, Missouri. I am going to ITT Technical Institute for Computer Networking Systems. In my area there are little to no jobs for someone my age. Heck i have been turned away from Geek Squad for being overqualified. How someone can be overqualified for a computer job when all the training i have for the job is 2 years at a Vocational School i honestly don't know...

Now obviously as i am a computer person my grammar sucks. As well does my higher level math skills...

All the money i do get is from odd jobs. I am planning on starting a small Commission based Paining Service for the guys in my area. Sadly no one plays Infinity in this area. Now i am going to look into some paints and  good airbrush and airbrush compressor (any recommendations on any of this would be appreciated) and start up the business and maybe can get enough money to expand the business and start my collection.

Oh i forgot to list the games you will be seeing me do!
i will be covering:
Infinity: The Game
Spartan Games stuff
Call to Arms
Monsterocalypse & Voltron
Dark Age

As you can tell im a game whore. well i am also a faction whore as every game i play i will (hopefully) be getting every miniature for at some point.

If there is anything else you wanna know about me feel free to ask. I am a very open person.

Friday, August 19, 2011

M4 or not?

Been debating for some time not and ive decided upon getting the m4 style airsoft rifle, looks like I cant avoid my military training lol. So I know theres plenty of styles of playing out there along with the eqiupment. Any way heres a question for you readers out there, what style of airsoft do you like? And what equipment do you use?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

And on to airsoft

Alright, so im feng, the second author, i dont know much about minis, but airsoft, paintball, and the like are my fortes. And now on to my first subject, airsoft. For a while now ive been meaning to get a team together and finally im down to maybe 3 more members to recruit. Dabbling in basic guerrilla war fare, and room clearance from my army days, this team will be like a well oiled machine...i hope. I will be doing tri-weekly posts as well as weekends, so look forward to random tidbits, tips, and tactics for airsoft a paintball.