Friday, September 2, 2011

About Me

Ok I am taking some good advice from an Infinity Forumite known as Major_Gilbear. He suggested I introduce myself.

Now currently I live in Crane, Missouri, USA. It is a small town whose only redeeming qualities are the Broiler Festival every August and that it is rated as having the best city water in all of Missouri.

I am 18 and going to college in the city of Springfield, Missouri. I am going to ITT Technical Institute for Computer Networking Systems. In my area there are little to no jobs for someone my age. Heck i have been turned away from Geek Squad for being overqualified. How someone can be overqualified for a computer job when all the training i have for the job is 2 years at a Vocational School i honestly don't know...

Now obviously as i am a computer person my grammar sucks. As well does my higher level math skills...

All the money i do get is from odd jobs. I am planning on starting a small Commission based Paining Service for the guys in my area. Sadly no one plays Infinity in this area. Now i am going to look into some paints and  good airbrush and airbrush compressor (any recommendations on any of this would be appreciated) and start up the business and maybe can get enough money to expand the business and start my collection.

Oh i forgot to list the games you will be seeing me do!
i will be covering:
Infinity: The Game
Spartan Games stuff
Call to Arms
Monsterocalypse & Voltron
Dark Age

As you can tell im a game whore. well i am also a faction whore as every game i play i will (hopefully) be getting every miniature for at some point.

If there is anything else you wanna know about me feel free to ask. I am a very open person.


  1. I'd probably start out with painting by traditional brush, and leave the airbrush out for now; they can be expensive and tricky to use.

    Anyway, good intro! =0)

  2. I know how to use and airbrush it would just take getting used to the thing again. And the aid in based coating and weathering. But yeah it would be a bit later that it will come into play