Friday, August 19, 2011

M4 or not?

Been debating for some time not and ive decided upon getting the m4 style airsoft rifle, looks like I cant avoid my military training lol. So I know theres plenty of styles of playing out there along with the eqiupment. Any way heres a question for you readers out there, what style of airsoft do you like? And what equipment do you use?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

And on to airsoft

Alright, so im feng, the second author, i dont know much about minis, but airsoft, paintball, and the like are my fortes. And now on to my first subject, airsoft. For a while now ive been meaning to get a team together and finally im down to maybe 3 more members to recruit. Dabbling in basic guerrilla war fare, and room clearance from my army days, this team will be like a well oiled machine...i hope. I will be doing tri-weekly posts as well as weekends, so look forward to random tidbits, tips, and tactics for airsoft a paintball.