Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Monday 7/16/2012

So last night we experimented with a special rule for a special event this Saturday so no horribly written Batrep today. Though hopefully will get a report up on Saturday night or Sunday.

Now Wednesday & Friday there will be a couple of related RPG posts dealing with NPCs.

Ok onto a topic that honestly throws my rhythm off. Last night was the series finale of Eureka. Now anyone who is close to me knows I love Sci-Fi. Eureka was one of my favorite shows, it was also one of the few things that could get me to focus on creating many things. In fact one of my most successful RPG campaigns was written while I was catching up on some back episodes that I had on the DVR.

Luckily I have a new show called Lost Girl to inspire me.

Well that is all for now.


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