Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Update from Monday

     So no real battle report as I ended up not playing a game, but watching one. With them both being veteran players it flowed faster than anyone could keep up with. Here is what I can tell you:

The Game: Flames of War
Players: Jon/Sean And Wyatt
Points Value: 1750 points

     Jon was partnered with his buddy Sean a new fairly new player. They commanded a U.S. Parachute Rifles Company. Wyatt commanded the British 2nd Household Cav. The mission being Hasty Attack. with him being an armoured car force Wyatt was the attacker. Almost all of the action happened on the U.S. with a British tank platoon getting beaten in an assault and then Wyatt's infantry getting into assaults with a rifle platoon. In the end the U.S. held off the British.

Now Friday I will start what I hope will become a recurring series of posts about Named NPCs. And Maybe I can get a post on how I map out my dungeons.

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