Friday, July 20, 2012

Slight Snag...

So I hit a slight snag with the 4 things I was debating on posting. 3 of them being Dramatis Personae posts. And an article entitled "Fun & Thematic" V. "Optimized & Min-Maxed". I need to revamp my Dramatis Personae to the new template version (6.6.5) I posted on Wednesday. And the article needed more editing for the multitude of grammar mistakes and redundancy in it. Remember folks writing an article while working on something else can lead to many errors.

Hopefully I will get the article up Monday/Wednesday of next week. With the first of the Personae characters on Friday.

Sorry bout this...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dramatis Personae 0: Intoduction

                Now as promised I present to you my system for creating unique named NPCs. This system was designed to give a GM a pool of NPCs without taking away their ability to tailor them to their campaign.
                Now I only keep on hand the basic information for the NPCs. This includes a ‘Stat Block’ and ‘Personal Block’. By only including this information a GM can incorporate a NPC into multiple campaigns while giving each incarnation a different feel.
I have used this system for every campaign I have ran. In fact I have used an Elf Wizard named Alyron and a Dwarf Cleric named Brina. My players never realized until I had to quickly create a Tengu Rogue named Rox while they were planning and shopping.
Dramatis Personae will hopefully be up at least every other week if not every week.

Here is the Table I use:

Primary Information
Name, Title:




Class Feature 1 ________________:

Class Feature 2 ________________:








Defining Features:
Preferred Clothing:










A Interesting Concept

A game where players are masterminds trying to take over the world? I love it! They are looking for kickstarter backers. If anyone who reads this would like to see this lite RPG made and can help I strongly encourage you to. I only wish I had 30$ to spare for their kickstarter. Heck I would even pledge more if I could. and wouldn't even need more than the 30$ level rewards.

We need more games like this. And like Fiasco.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Monday 7/16/2012

So last night we experimented with a special rule for a special event this Saturday so no horribly written Batrep today. Though hopefully will get a report up on Saturday night or Sunday.

Now Wednesday & Friday there will be a couple of related RPG posts dealing with NPCs.

Ok onto a topic that honestly throws my rhythm off. Last night was the series finale of Eureka. Now anyone who is close to me knows I love Sci-Fi. Eureka was one of my favorite shows, it was also one of the few things that could get me to focus on creating many things. In fact one of my most successful RPG campaigns was written while I was catching up on some back episodes that I had on the DVR.

Luckily I have a new show called Lost Girl to inspire me.

Well that is all for now.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dungeon of Horror Marathon Campaign

So Friday I mentioned we were planning a 12 hour marathon campaign. Well the total campaign lasted around 4 hours of game play and 2 hours for breaks. So 6 hours total. And it the end the campaign ended with a very anticlimactic explosion do to a misfired fireball...

I ended up controlling a bard and fighter on top of the Big Bad.

We all woke up on a beach surrounded by the only survivors of an undead rampage. We spent Levels 1-15 exploring the island and freeing the island from the undead taint. The only notable creatures being a zombie dragon, a skeleton dragon, a zombie dracolisk, a werewolf clan who were partnered with a vampire family to try and keep the undead at bay from the last remaining humans.

The Cavalier, Oracle, and Sorcerer lasted through out the campaign. My bard died around level 6 liking 1 XP to being lvl 7. The worst part was it she died in a trap the party had set-up for the Dracolisk. Then my fighter died fighting the 2 Dragons right after leveling to lvl 14. Got reduced to -3 by their attacks and couldn't stabilize, the oracle was tied up keeping the sorcerer alive. When they hit lvl 15, do to some good role-playing by the party they won the ability to rebuild their characters as Gestalts. They became Cavalier/Paladin, Oracle/Rogue, and Sorcerer/Monk.

They then decided they were ready to brave the mansion that they knew housed the Final Boss. When they encountered a group of zombies and skeletons the sorcerer decided to cast Fireball. Well he forgot he had cast grease a few times to cause the majority of them to fall. Well the way we play it grease is highly flammable... the problem was the fire caused a chain reaction that blew up the mansion. We decided to give them the XP to go up to lvl 20. Then they had the big fight with the Lvl 20 Human Lich Wizard and his elites.

Whom they stomped... into a paste... The worst part is they ran out of spells before I did... they defeated the Lich first then took out his elites and destroyed his phylactery.

All in all it was fun and exciting.